Hello, to all libertarians, free staters and haters of victimless crimes

My blog is dedicated to the education of citizens about individual rights, especially in Florida and in my area that is the West Coast of Florida, Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte Counties.  Yesterday, a young lady was arrested near the BP in Port Charlotte by an undercover officer because she allegedly offered him sexual favors for cash. She is being held on $2500 bond.  Solicitation of prostitution in Fl is a 2nd degree misdemeanor normally with a bail of $120. Not sure why this 21 year old committed such a heinous act as to warrant a $2500 bond, but I guess I’ll do some research on that. Some people, maybe, alot of people in Florida think that street sex soliciting is not to be tolerated, but who did she hurt, who did she batter, and where is the harm to others? People (probably mostly men) are entering into a business relationship with her voluntarily. She doesn’t try to steal their money or property and she doesn’t try to force them into a trade that is not agreed to by both parties. This is the archetype of the victimless crime.


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