Taxpayers pay 15 grand for one DUI arrest

Charlotte County, FL sheriff’s office arrested 11 people over the 4th of July weekend for DUI. They had a DUI checkpoint in operation on Friday night the 3rd of July, somewhere in the county. They won’t tell anyone in advance where it is going to be because of course then they wouldn’t be able to arrest any drunk drivers. Keeping the location secret and undercover from the public and media scrutiny increases the effectiveness, so goes the logic. They nabbed a grand total of 1 dui at the checkpoint while interfering with the legal non-criminal travel activities of 100’s of drivers. Let’s see, 1 at the checkpoint and 10 by actually doing their jobs in a constitutional manner. Naw, the checkpoint is a better use of taxpayer funds. Any bets on whether that 1 DUI arrest at the checkpoint will actually be convicted?


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