Cop arrested for Victimless Crime

Cops shouldn’t be arrested for victimless crimes, either. Just because the guy is a little horny, it shouldn’t mean that he loses his job or that he is a bad Leo. People shouldn’t be arrested for business transactions performed between voluntary parties. And actually Bill Clinton was a pretty damn good president, he just couldn’t learn how to masturbate.

Yesterday, there were 50 arrests which seem to be the average number. There were 12 arrests involving a victim or a crime against someone else’s property. There were 38 arrests for victimless crimes. So, 76% of the arrests were for victimless crimes. Crimes for non cooperation with the system seem to lead the pack everyday. 18 arrests for VOP/contempt, 4 for DUI, (not involving property damage), 6 misc. marijuana arrests, 6 arrests for homelessness and shoplifting (which could be classified as in the victim category, if they weren’t hungry), and 2 other drug arrests. Only one arrest for no drivers license which is probably a record.

Let me discuss shoplifting for a second. I worked for a major electronics retailer and the management was always concerned with loss prevention. The reason that management is concerned with LP is that if the percentage of what they call “shrink” is controlled, that cash (which is just like money) goes right to the bottom line.

I’m not putting shoplifting into the same theft category as credit card fraud, register scams, bad check scams or return fraud. Those are different issues. Even return fraud, however, can be dealt with internally by tightening up return policies.

We never apprehended shoplifters. We tried to discourage the practice of SL by asking the customer who mistakenly put a Cd or something into their pocket to pay for the item. I never remember a time that the management arrested a customer for shoplifting. Management arrested a few employees for theft issues and perp walked them around the store. You see retail shrink is generally 75% employee theft and 25% outside theft. My view is that if the management of a retailer isn’t courageous enough to stop shrink from the inside, they shouldn’t be arresting the poor for small amounts of stuff. They could tell the suspect to just put back the item and please don’t come back to our store. This is why I put shoplifting into the victimless category because I know that management can deal with this issue internally. And it is always better to deal with issues without involving the government. That is what personal responsibility is all about.


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