Mental Illness is not a crime

This man didn’t do anything criminal, he was threatening suicide. I have quite a bit of experience with mental illness as a loved one in my family has suffered from bouts of episodes over the years.  We have many stories here of bad cops, but when the police do something well, we have to notice it. Someone was obviously filming this police encounter between several NP police officers and a seriously agitated gentleman. You can see the knife in the suspect’s hand. I don’t really like the Frankenstein fall that the taser generates, but it’s better than getting shot. After the NP police subdued the gentle?man, they didn’t kneel on him, or kick him, or try to hurt the suspect in any way. More and more of these encounters involve mental illness, leos need to be mindful.

In order for us to campaign for the protection of individual constitutional and civil rights, we have to follow some very simple rules.

  1. NEVER run from police.
  2. When the police tell you that you are under arrest, turn around so that they can put the handcuffs on. Going with them for anything less than a felony, is no big deal. Besides, they have to tell the judge and the prosecutor what you did wrong, if you didn’t do anything wrong, the court is not going to be very happy with the officer.
  3. If you subsequently go to court to answer to the charges that the Leo makes, you are pretty safe in the court room. I have never seen a video or recording of someone being tazed, or beaten or pepper sprayed or punched in a court room who didn’t deserve it. The judge, the lawyers and the court staff are not going to do that to you.  The baliffs might, but because it’s deserved.
  4. NEVER brandish a weapon. I’ll write more on this, but trying to get justice in this society by trying to fight the State with guns, knives or other weapons, is like a fly trying to get justice when the fly is hit with a fly swatter.
  5. Always be calm, calm, calm and polite, polite, polite with police. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your Constitutional rights. If you are calm and polite, it is very hard for any human being to want to hurt you.

This encounter could have turned into a dead guy or another Rodney King episode, but as these officers demonstrated, these types of encounters don’t have to end that way.

Now, look at a traffic stop and another police encounter. This is the wrong way to do it. (By the driver)

What mistakes did she make?

1.Don’t get out of the car and keep your car doors locked.  You are breaking a natural barrier between you and someone who can do legal violence to you. The officer didn’t ask the driver to get out of the car. Don’t get out of the car. And if a Leo ever orders you out of your car during a traffic stop, figure that you are under arrest (the ACLU says you are) and ask the Leo, “Am I under arrest?”.

2. Don’t try to argue your legal case before you even get a ticket. As a matter of fact, don’t say anything, nothing. The 5th amendment, remember? The time to argue is when you go to traffic court. and there you have a 50% chance of the police officer not showing up.

3. When the officer tells you that you are under arrest, you’re under arrest, he isn’t going to change his mind. I don’t agree with the use of the taser in this instance, but the officer is alone and the lady is being a troublesome traffic stop.

4. 875 comments on this story. That’s amazing. (Also, this Leo, so far, has received a 30 day suspension without pay) Most of the comments are anti-Leo, but here is the truth.

Tasers KILL people. Amnesty International reported 335 cases of taser deaths over the last five years. If this lady had suffered a heart attack or some other taser inflicted injury, the Leos might have lost their jobs or gotten sued, but she would still be dead.

Don’t put yourself in the position of being a subject of police misconduct. Remember the two magic words, calm and polite


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