Vigilante judge admits to committing victimless crime

LA PLATA, Md. (AP) — A Charles County judge who acknowledged deflating a tire of a car parked in a restricted area near the courthouse has resigned as chief administrator of the Circuit Court.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Nalley is not resigning from the bench.

In a letter submitted Thursday to Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert Bell, Nalley made no reference to this week’s controversy over the tire deflation.

Nalley told 9NEWS NOW that he let out the air because leaving notes for illegal parkers is not effective.

La Plata Police Chief Cassin Gittings says an investigation into the tire deflation was continuing.

The owner of the car says a sheriff’s deputy told her Monday that Nalley was deflating her tire and she moved her car.

This judge needs to read up a little on 21st Century inventions like the Tow Truck.  If I was in charge of a sentence for this judge, I would make him put a porta-potty in his front yard for two months, so the homeless have some place to urinate.


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