More shoplifting

bildeNow, here is a police officer who is employed by the store to deter shoplifting. Who’s doing the shoplifting? Right. The employee. The police officer.

We had a case in our store, a major electronics retailer, where a professional team came into the store and were stealing laptop computers from the display. The only problem with this is that the laptop computers are all bolted and locked to display. It turns out that the guy who was the head of our loss prevention was unlocking the computers on the display, (seen on the surveillance video) and the thieves would come by later and take the computers and go out the door past the “guard”. This was probably one of the dumbest criminal events of all time as the head of LP had control over the cameras. If he had just turned the tape off for a few minutes, nobody would have known. Management wasn’t sure how much these people got away with but it was in the 5 to 6 figures.

In this case of the police officer stealing, there wasn’t  even an apprehension. Is a store security guard going to try to arrest a uniformed police officer? But the big question is, how much more did the guy get away with? Probably, hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. This is the way it is with employees who steal.

Apparently, after 29 years of being a police officer this guy was making 113k a year? And now he loses his job and is branded a thief for the rest of his life over a CD and a bottle of canola oil. Read Emerson’s essay on Compensation.


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