Don’t, don’t don’t, open, open, open, Rap song of the Day.

Isn’t the camera wonderful? This stuff has probably been happening regularly for a couple hundred years, we just haven’t seen it because we didn’t have cameras. When I talk with my darker skinned pigmented brothers they look at me funny and say, “Bro, where have you been?” Leo brutality and misconduct is a regular event in every day black America, it’s just that white America really doesn’t care or white America just hasn’t been affected that much yet. But white America will be.

Anyway, what’s wrong here? Can anybody tell me? First, of all, please recite to me the 5th Amendment 42 times in a row. Ok, done? What does the 5th Amendment say, in a few words, It says, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO TALK TO THE POLICE.” How many times do we have to repeat this. Don’t talk to police. Don’t talk to police. I’m going to come up with a rap song for this. Please, please, don’t talk to police.

Here’s another rap song. If you’re a brother and you are from another mother, or from this mother, don’t open yo’ do’ for a LEO…. Don’t open your car door. Please, please, please, keep your doors locked when the LEO comes to the car. And keep your window up except for about 4 to 6 inches. Do NOT OPEN your door to the LEO.

Don’t, don’t don’t, open, open, open, Rap song of the Day.

This one even made it to the cable news channels.


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