90 days in za coola for breath mints

Breath mints

Breath mints

Crack cocaine

Crack cocaine

KISSIMMEE, FL — A Central Florida man is suing the city of Kissimmee after being thrown in jail over a very costly misunderstanding.

Donald May had breath mints in his mouth during a traffic stop for an expired tag last year.

However, the officer that pulled May over thought the mints in his mouth were actually crack.

The officer claims he field-tested the evidence and results came back positive for drugs.

May was arrested and claims he wasn’t allowed out of jail until tests proved the mints were not drugs.

During the three months he was behind bars, Kissimmee police had May’s car towed and auctioned it off.

May was also evicted from his apartment and lost his job.

Now May is suing the city for false arrest and false imprisonment.  He also wants compensation for his lost job and apartment.

Viewing the pictures breath mints v. crack, I can understand the confusion of the Leos. The mints and the crack look so much alike that they can be confident that they did the right thing by ruining this man’s life.


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