Analyzing a traffic stop

By analyzing traffic stops, you will get good at figuring out what the driver did wrong. Don’t worry so much about what happens later like the violence that is perpetrated on the driver. Think about what you would have done, differently. With this particular traffic stop, the driver has got a problem believing that the 5th amendment applies to him. Shut the F up.

Obviously, prior to this traffic stop, this Leo is going to arrest the driver, whatever happens, based on the way the driver pulled over, so what I would have done is quite simple. Hand my documents out the window of the car and have them waiting for the Leo when he walks up to the car. When the Leo starts with the questions, say, “Am I under arrest?” he’s going to arrest the guy, anyway, but, the reason he hasn’t done it yet is because he wants to get more evidence (provided by the driver) that the driver is impaired. More questions from the Leo, answer, “Am I under arrest?” More questions from the Leo, answer, “Am I under arrest?”  “Step out of the car, driver.” Am I under, arrest?, I told you, driver, step out of the car. Answer, “Am I under arrest?” Yes, you are under arrest, now step out of the car. You step out of the car, the Leo puts the handcuffs on and you calmly and

gracefully, go to his car with him. When he continues to question you, you say, I don’t want to answer any of your questions until I have a lawyer present. And I don’t consent to any searches.  Make sure you say that in front of the camera or in the car while it is being recorded.

He has to take you to jail for something, but now, he doesn’t even know what to take you to jail for. Plus, there is no chance for the Leos to perpetrate violence on you or the passengers. 4th and 5th amendment, Learn them.


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