Female arrested for a victimless crime that a man can do legally

I’ve always wondered about this. Since I was very little and now I am very old, I’ve wondered about this. Men can walk around, pretty much anywhere, without a shirt. But women can be arrested for doing the same thing. What’s up with that? I think this stems from the Puritanical notion that Men get erections watching women without shirts, but women do not get erections from watching Men without shirts. To tell you the truth, not now, but in days past, I did get erections from looking at certain women with their shirts off.  But I’m not sure that having an erection is a crime. If you are a female, showing your breasts is a crime, and if a man shows his erection it is a crime, but having an erection while inside the pants looking at certain women without shirts is not a crime, but the woman without the shirt is a crime. This victimless crime stuff is fun, isn’t it?


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