More work for less clerks

HERNANDO COUNTYTwo Hernando County men are facing charges after deputies said they rode their bicycles while drunk.

According to Bay News 9‘s partner paper, the St. Petersburg Times, Robert Steudl decided to ride a bicycle home from the Pickled Parrot bar early Tuesday morning after he decided he was too drunk to drive.

Deputies thought otherwise. Steudl was arrested for driving under the influence while on a bike, after deputies said they found him riding in the middle of a westbound lane on Spring Hill Drive. A car had to swerve to avoid hitting him, deputies said.

Three hours earlier, a second man was also arrested after a deputy noticed a line of cars driving very slowly on Forest Oaks Boulevard.

The deputy realized the cars were moving slowly because Oswaldo Davila was riding in the middle of the westbound lane with no lights or reflective equipment, the Times reports.

The arrest is Davila’s second for riding his bicycle while drunk.

Florida law considers a bicycle to be a motor vehicle.

You can be arrested for DUI in FL for riding a bicycle while intoxicated, but only if you are riding the bike on a road. If you are riding the bike on a sidewalk (which is legal in FL), you can’t be convicted of DUI. So if you are drunk, go ahead and ride your bike home, but ride on the sidewalk. If you see a pedestrian, stop until they walk past you because you do have to yield for peds.

You can also walk home if you are intoxicated because we don’t have a public intoxication law in FL. We have disorderly intoxication, so you have to be intoxicated and disorderly. As long as you are just weaving down the sidewalk, you shouldn’t get arrested, but make sure you have your fly zipped up and don’t urinate in the open because you can get arrested for that.


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