Violence has no place..

Ok, I’m a civil libertarian and an opponent of the death penalty. I’m an opponent of victimless crimes, but this one was not a victimless crime. Sorry, Mumia, is guilty. Mumia did it. There is no possible doubt that Mumia killed Officer Danny Faulkner. There were witnesses less than 10 feet away from the scene and Mumia was captured less than 15 ft away from the fatally injured policeman seconds after the shooting. I don’t want the guy to get the needle, but please, this guy is not innocent. Even his supporters are a little unsure of his innocence; their shtick is that he didn’t get a fair trial. Ok, maybe not, but another trial here wouldn’t make any difference. The dude shot the Leo in the back and there is no doubt about this.

In 1981, we didn’t have dash cams. If the Leos had the dash cams here, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.  Cameras and audio on every traffic stop and encounter.


One Response to “Violence has no place..”

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    Powerful. I agree.

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