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Get a lunch box.

November 11, 2009

Prosecutors and Leos in the land of administration of justice have a saying for why older people don’t have many run ins with the law. “He must have bought a lunch box.” Meaning the criminal decided to get a job.

Lately, we have been experiencing a rash of police encounters in which elderly suspects are accused of fighting with Leos. The first incident involved a 70 yr old plus couple trying to keep a Leo out of their home. The Leo had a warrant, so the couples’ actions were pretty stupid. Next, a 66 year old 5 ft tall female allegedly punched a Leo in the mouth after the leo came to question her about her neighborhood behavior. And third, a 77 year old snowbird from Longboat Key was arrested for battery and obstruction to a Leo.

Normally, I talk to younger people about sticking up for their constitutional rights because I figure that by the time you get to 40 or so, you know about these things. How many times do I have to say that you shouldn’t oppose Leos? Leos have the legal right to injure you and in the above cases, these elderly people could have been killed by Tasers or even a Leo pistol. Opposing does not mean flexing your individual rights. Opposing means that you refuse arrest in some way. Most times, in most police encounters, the only order that you have to obey is “You are under arrest.” It doesn’t mean that you have to talk to Leos. You don’t. Leos believe that opposing means that you won’t talk to them, but legally, you don’t have to talk to them. But you do have to submit to arrest. What are the four things that we say to police? Am I free to go? Am I under arrest? I don’t consent to searches. And the most important, “I need a lawyer.”