This is what they do to real criminals in Sarasota

Here’s a guy who made it here from some mid-west state by stealing someone else s car. People who have lived in Florida for a while like me, say that God picks up the US every once in a while and shakes it, then all the garbage falls into Florida.

This guy got arrested for stealing the car in the other state. Served a little while in county. Got out and promptly stole a car from a dealership, and got caught again and got six months, but only served 2. Got out in the morning and stole a Range Rover from a dealership and got caught 8 hours later on Siesta Key.

See here, we are too concerned with crimes like video recording police, chalk writing on the sidewalks, trespassing in public parks and public sidewalks, getting a little head once in a while from consenting adults and hitting on a blunt once in a while to worry about real criminals.


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