Never stop Recording

Two of the most famous amateur videographers, Abraham Zapruder and George Holliday, didn’t know that they were about to record history Such it is when citizen journalists pull out a cellphone camera and shoot a scene, sometimes you never know what’s going to happen.
Mr. Zapruder was standing on a pedestal in Dealey Plaza with a Bell and Howell, Super 8 pointing it toward the corner of Houston Street and Elm Street the day Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed JFK. The chilling photo still of Jackie Kennedy climbing out of the back seat of the limousine to retrieve her husband’s brains is forever etched in my mind and the minds of all those who have watched the 25 seconds or so of the clip that Abraham Zapruder filmed.
George Holliday just happened to be on his porch with his new video rig, when a traffic stop occurred across from his house. He taped a savage beating of a black man by the name of Rodney King by several Los Angeles police officers in 1991. He even offered to give the tape, first, to the LAPD who turned him down. Later, this clip caused 43 million dollars or so damage to property during the Rodney King riots.
Police can’t stop us from recording and they shouldn’t. You never know what’s going to happen, so a scene that at first appears to be enough to make you fall asleep, suddenly becomes history.


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