Here is the latest news about my case from Andrea Mogensen

Horrigan Press Release-4

Here are the Probable Cause Affidavits police filled out:



allan and thomas roberts

Also great timeline from Atty. Mickey Osterreicher from the NPPA

Here is a brief/motion on prior restraint: will work to get your camera/phone back prior restraint


One Response to “Here is the latest news about my case from Andrea Mogensen”

  1. James Barnes Says:

    I was born and raised in Tampa Florida and went into the service at 17 after passing the GED at a 97 th percentile in the 11th grade. I have independently studied American Law and Jurisprudence for over 5 years, since my false arrest for contempt of court over a child support issue, that in fact didn’t exist. While I would never appear in any court pro se I appreciate your publishing of your prior restraint motion and demand. Very enlightening and more knowledge for my arsenal. I live in Missori now but am actively helping people in the courts here to get remedy for blatant violations of abuse of entrusted authority. Email me if you would like to swap info and I believe it could help us both to learn more. thanks again, Jim

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