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Camera saves five men from life in prison

September 18, 2009

I can tell you that if you are accused of a sex crime, it is nearly impossible to prove that you didn’t do it , if the accuser sticks to her story. Everyone, especially the media, immediately believes that a rape story is true and that the accused who are arrested are guilty. The five men who were accused of gang rape at Hofstra University were totally dead in the water, if you listened to all the news coverage after the accusation and before the woman recanted. The Nassau County district attorney said the 18-year-old freshman accuser recanted her story late Wednesday night after prosecutors told her the encounter may have been recorded on a cell phone.

Make sure that you carry a camera and an audio recorder with you at all times. If you are planning on having sex with someone, you are not married to, record a conversation that indicates that you and your partner are doing this consensually. Sucks, but that is the way it goes these days. That little camera saved those guys from a lifetime of pain. What’s going to happen to the girl? Probably nothing.

Leos and prosecutors are in a real rock and hard place on sex crime accusations. On one hand, if they don’t believe the accuser, they get plastered from the rape victim(s) crowd and if they over-prosecute and manufacture evidence, they are cast as evil persecutors. Lots and lots of men in recent years have been released from years in prison because of DNA evidence. We really shouldn’t automatically believe that the accused are sex criminals before their trials. Keep a camera with you.