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Here’s how a camera/phone would have saved two lives

March 28, 2012

George Zimmerman would have been better served carrying a camera, rather than a gun.

Here’s the scenario:
GZ: (While recording encounter): Hi, how you doing. My name’s George, I live here and work on the neighborhood watch committee. No, offense meant, but I haven’t seen you before, do you live here?
TM: I’m visiting my aunt.
GZ: Oh, ok, I’m not trying to get in your face or anything, but we’ve had lots of breakins and stuff and we’re trying to cut down on that. I’m not accusing you of anything, we’re just trying to stay safe around here.
TM: Ok, bye.

Now if this is the way the conversation went, then GZ would have that recorded and if a fight broke out after that he would be completely exonerated. But if the recording showed lots of in your face, cop crap, GZ doesn’t have much to stand on. Always record.

GZ stands on the sidewalk while TM goes on his way and GZ backs up to his car, rather than turning his back on a guy he has never seen before, recording his departure. TM sees the camera, so he knows he can’t get away with jumping the guy, so he goes back to his apartment. GM has a picture now of the “intruder”, so he can give it to the cops (which I wouldn’t do anyway). GZ has no right to ask TM for his ID or where he is staying unless TM volunteers the information, but if there are any incidents or if there had been any incidents, now the authorities have a face and a voice to go with it.

Plus GZ can record from his car, not getting out and here he has a natural barrier to fists and knives, not necessarily a gunshot, but it’s more likely he’ll be attacked with a fist or a knife, so don’t get out of the car. TM is 6’3″ and pretty thin, but I know that when I was 17, I was pretty bad ass and a champion high school wrestler, so taking on a guy that is only 5’9″ (and when they say 5’9″, subtract 2 inches) isn’t much of a fight for somebody that tall. But if GZ is getting in his face, with the cop BS, give me your ID, where do live, where are you going, this is going to get GZ into a situation that he doesn’t want to be in.

Let the cops use the guns, You use a camera. It’s a much more effective weapon.